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How We Work

Buying Solutions offers a variety of purchasing methods to make buying vehicles easy for you!

  • Buying Solutions Pre-Purchased Stock. Buying Solutions is buying fresh stock daily. Enjoy the advantage of choosing from our Pre-Purchased Stock — vehicles that are inspected and purchased for your market and ready to ship. For more information visit our "Pre-Purchased Stock" page.

  • Buying Solutions Online Auction. Get access to more than 150,000 vehicles at 150 different auctions online weekly. Select and buy stock from the comfort of your own office. With Buying Solutions, it’s as good as being in Japan yourself. For more information visit our "Today’s Online Auction" page.

  • Buying Solutions Stock Sourcing. Buying Solutions will hand-pick and source stock for you. For more information visit our "Sourcing the Right Stock" page.

The Process

  1. The Buying Solutions staff walk the rows at auctions, hand-picking stock and inspecting vehicles that you have bid on or requested our staff to source for you.

  2. The vehicle’s details are confirmed and priced

  3. The vehicle is purchased

  4. The vehicle is re-inspected, washed and photographed

  5. The vehicle is invoiced

  6. The appropriate pre-shipment inspections are undertaken depending on your country’s importation regulations. For example, MAF cleaned, Meter inspected, JAAI or JEVEC inspected, etc.

  7. Buying Solutions give the vehicle the Final Check

  8. Your vehicles are then shipped to your port of destination