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Detailed Inspections

The Buying Solutions staff take pride in our vehicle descriptions, ensuring that you get a quality vehicle.

To ensure all vehicles are described correctly, the following steps are taken:

  1. Your vehicles are inspected at auction prior to purchase, including:

    • Paint and panel condition;

    • Underside to check for obvious rust;

    • General tyre condition;

    • General interior condition;

    • Starting the vehicle's engine to listen to any obvious defects or noises in the engine transmission (at a standstill). This includes operating the clutch pedal in manual vehicles.

  2. After purchase, the vehicles are inspected by a third party, photographing and appraising the interior and exterior condition.

  3. The Buying Solutions staff give the vehicle a final check to ensure that everything is in order and nothing has been overlooked.

Our buyers are experienced and they know the difference between a good and bad vehicle, so you can have confidence in our descriptions.