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Sourcing the Right Vehicles.

With Buying Solutions, you can rely on our vehicle-buying expertise. We take the time to understand your market and stock requirements through constant communication to ensure that we quote the price what you want.

Buying Solutions has all ends of the market covered to ensure your orders are filled efficiently.

  • Buying Solutions staff attend auctions daily, hand-picking vehicles for you.

  • All major auctions are covered daily – Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyushu, Sendai and Hokkaido.

  • Buying Solutions’ office-based staff are online searching auctions and locating stock for you.

  • Buying Solutions’ "Online Auctions" target 150,000 vehicles at 150 auctions online weekly.

Buying Solutions enables you to buy your stock with confidence from the comfort of your office without spending time away from your business and foregoing the costs of having to travel to Japan.